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The Association began as an organization during World War II. By 1943, members of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment began to arrive home for medical treatment, discharges and postings to Instructional Cadres. These soldiers along with other members of the Regiment who had not gone overseas began to meet informally to preserve friendships and keep in contact with the progress of the Regiment overseas. A permanent Executive was formed and regular meetings were held in various Veterans’ clubs in Toronto. Later, meetings began to be held regularly at Fort York Armoury in the Sergeant’s Mess of the Regiment. A President and other Officers were elected and objectives and aims were established. One of the main aims of the Association was to support The 2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Canada Reserve and to preserve the records and memoirs of the Regiment and its perpetuated units. The Association raised money to support these activities and the Reserve Regiment through gifts, donations of money, and other fundraising activities. After WW II the Association continued to flourish and it was decided to formalize the organization. On May 7, 1952, Letters Patent were issued by the Province of Ontario incorporating The Royal Regiment of Canada Association.


The membership has changed considerably since the days when only Active soldiers and Veterans were members. Today, many widows, sons and daughters of Veterans are members and are proud to support the Regiment. There are also many former members who are currently members of other Branches of the Canadian Forces. From a high of over 2,500 members in the 1960s, we are now holding strong at more than 1,000. This is one of the largest Reserve Regimental Associations in Canada.


Members of the Association and active members of the Regiment are invited to attend monthly meeting in the WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess on the first Thursday of every month between Sept – Jun. There is a brief meeting when business is conducted, a report about the Regiments’ activities and lots of time to mix with friends and comrades who support the Regiment.

Over the years, the Association has gradually assumed responsibility for many activities once performed by Regimental personnel. This has been necessary because of the much greater effort required by the Regiment for Military Operations & Training. Some of these activities are Fund Raising, Veterans’ Welfare & Hospital Visiting, Newsletters, the Annual Reunion Dinner, etc. Association members have assisted at Recruiting booths and take part in Memorial events in Canada and Overseas when members of the Regiment are not available.

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Richard Towey
The Museum of The Royal Regiment of Canada

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Alan Nanders – Veterans Concerns Committee Chair
Val Flynn – Veterans Concerns Committee
Russell Smart – Meeting and Event Coordinator
Howard Kennedy – Membership Committee

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Dan Joyce – Auditor
Sgt Kevin Kwan – Kit Shop