150th Anniversary Project: New History Book

The Royal Regiment of Canada decided last year, as one of its 150th Anniversary projects, to produce a new regimental history book. Capt (Ret’d) Mihail Murgoci has been appointed by the Honorary Colonel, Col Anthony Graham and the Commanding Officer, LCol Jesse Jones, to be the Project Manager. Mr. Donald Graves, a renowned Canadian military historian, has been hired to be the author. Robin Brass of Robin Brass Studios, Canada’s premier publisher of Canadian military books, will be the layout editor and graphic designer. Garry Embleton, one of the finest military illustrators and who lives in Switzerland, will provide a series of illustrations depicting Royals in various uniforms from throughout its history.

The author will be producing a book with many photos and illustrations. Capt (Ret’d) Murgoci is now beginning to assemble a collection of photographs for the author to be considered for the book. They are interested in photos, going back as far as the 1930’s, depicting Royals in international and domestic operations, action shots from exercises, photos of Royals at unique events and ceremonies. If you have photos that you think should be seen, please send them to the Regiment for consideration. Each photo should be provided with as much of the following so as to assist the author in writing captions and giving credit: who took the photo; when and where was it taken, what is the significance of the event; identify as many of the people as possible in the photo, etc, etc.

If your photos are printed on paper, please put them in an envelope with your name and contact information. Send them by mail to:

Sgt Aly Hirji
The Royal Regiment of Canada
Fort York Armoury
660 Fleet Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1A9

Or drop them off personally in the Orderly Room if you can. The photos will be returned by mail and therefore a mailing address is required. Provide your telephone number in case there is a requirement to call you for further information.

If your photos are digital, they need to have been originally shot in high resolution to be considered for book publishing quality. Some people, in an effort to save space on their memory chips shoot photos in low resolution (under 1 MB).  Unfortunately these low resolution photos do not reproduce welling in high end book publications.  Photos need to be a minimum of 3 MB to be considered.  However, 5 MB and above are better.  Send your photos individually in tif format (jpg format if unable to send tif) to: royalshistorybook@gmail.com. Please ensure that you provide as much info as possible with each photo. Sgt Hirji will be monitoring the site.

This is going to be a great regimental history book and we would like you to be a part of it. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. We look forward to seeing your photos.