Information for CNE Warriors’ Day Parade Sat Aug 17 2013

Date: Sat Aug 17 2013

Timings: (Estimated) – Some timings will be reconfirmed on the day once we arrive.

09:00 hrs – Association Members

10:00 hrs – Band

10:30 hrs – Form up and get organized over at the gorge across street in preparation to march in parade.

11:00 hrs – Parade should be commencing through the CNE grounds.

12:00 – 12:30 hrs – Parade should be finished, return back to FYA.

13:00 hrs – CNE, Respective Messes.

14:00 – 14:30 hrs – Dismissal – Estimated time completed


Association Members: Summer Dress #2 – Red Beret (Green) with Cap Badge, Short Sleeve White Collared Shirt Double Breasted with Epaulets, (R Regt C Association slip ons will be provided on the day of parade), Regimental Lanyard, Ribbons, Grey Slacks, Black Parade Boots and/or Black (Walking Shoes).

If you still need a White Shirt, try Savemore Jarvis/Queen and/or Yonge/Wellesley (East Side) Army Surplus store with Clearance sign (You can’t miss it).

Cost $10 – 15

Other info

The Wearing of Orders, Medals and Decorations by MWO Morel, CD.

CNE Tickets, TTC – Go Train & Parking Info