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Mark Cadeau writes in about his grandfather:

Although I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to my research due to work commitments, I’ve had several interesting developments recently. While searching through my grandmothers photos, my aunt turned up several photos of my grandfather and other Royals training over in the UK. Also in these photos were several portraits of other soldiers, two of which I’ve been able to identify as John Patrick Grogan and Howard Mills both Royals who were POW’s at Stalag VIIIB and friends of my grandfathers. While doing a random search on Howard Mills I found the Toronto Star article written in Nov 2011 that I’ve provided the link to below. It covers the reuniting of Ron Beal and Howard Mills at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre.


Please see the attached photo of Howard and the front and back of the post card he sent my grandfather.

2013-08-29 IMG_3325

2013-08-29 IMG_3324

2013-08-29 IMG_3321

2013-08-29 IMG_3320