Election results at Annual General Meeting – Thurs Jan 9 2014

Quorum of 18 was met as well as additional proxies were provided

Officers: (Executive) Includes Past President – Capt John Clarke

President – WO Glen Moore

Vice President – Capt Bruce Barbeau

Treasurer – COL Ted Taylor

Secretary – CWO David Lowry

Directors: (Executive Committee) includes Executive

Sergeant At Arms – Anthony Vassiliou

Stewart – Russell Smart

Directors (4) Elected – Gary Stafford, Fred Scott, Ross Atkinson & Ron Saranic

Additional Directors (Max 4) Not included in Executive and\or Executive Committee.

Appointed by President :

As announced at the Thurs Feb 6 2014 Association Meeting, the following Members have been Appointed Directors:

James Bullock, Len Janke, Val Flynn & Alan Nanders

Scrutineer – Larry Smith