Association EXEC & Veterans Concerns Committee Meeting

President Notes:

Glen Moore – President

Ted Taylor – Treasurer

Ted Dicker – Treasurer Assistant

Anton Vassiliou – Sergeant of Arms

David Lowry – Secretary

Ron Saranic – Veterans Concerns Committee Vice Chair

Gary Stafford – Veterans Concerns Committee Member

Ross Atkinson – Veterans Concerns Committee Member

Larry Smith – Officers’ Mess Stewart (Observer)

Meeting was held in the Officers’ Mess on Tues Feb 18 2014 at 19:30 hrs till 21:15 hrs.

At the last regular Association meeting on Thurs Feb 6 2014 we decided to have this meeting to discuss a number of things we have identified that we need to be reviewed and addressed.

One of the things we looked at and discussed about was the Association’s Mission Statement – Business Plan.

We discussed the following items in a round table format:

We wrote on an Easel the following one word headings then added additional information and brief points of discussion.



Regimental Coin for Association Members – Starts with Axxx

Outgoing Release Package – Free 1 year membership, information and invite.

Online – Association Website, VCC (Veterans Concerns Committee), VAC (Veterans Affairs Committee) National Website, Facebook, Surveys.

Retention:  Nominal Roll status to ensure dues and/or Life Membership are collected, recorded and maintain on an ongoing basis, SAT (Simulation Arms Training).

Buddy System – Use all resources, word of mouth, social media, email, phone calls, websites, Old Boys Net.

Free Beer – Invitation to come to a meeting, welcome, information package (booklet) and a free issue.

Business Plan: (Sell)

Mission Statement:


Catch phrase “Greater Regimental Family” – To promote the health and welfare of all past, present and future members of The Regiment of Canada and provide the necessary support required to ensure the integrity, esprit de corps, knowledge and information in order to preserve and maintain the stability of the Regiment that has been in the past, is now in the present and will be in the future.


Increase $ (Revenue) – Dues – This the most important thing we need to review and address,

Nominal Role (Records) of Association Members who need to pay dues and\or have Life Membership.

Ensure the Welfare of the “Greater Regimental Family”.

Identify initiatives both ongoing and new.Ongoing – Operation Support The Troops – Coffee & Donuts, SAT, Regimental Hockey Team Jerseys, Ceremonial (Warrior’s Day) parades.New – Gym Equipment, Open House, increase revenue $ (collection of dues\life memberships), reduce burden of CO’s budget.Newsletter – Decrease cost of production and\or modification of how it looks.

Awareness of VCC – Veterans Concerns Committee:

VCC – Veterans Concerns Committee purpose, tasks\goals to be identified and known.

Short Term Goals – 1 year

Administration – Get our own household in order – organization, duties\tasks, financial, accountability.

Goal of 5% increase in recruitment.

There are approx.500 members in the association, on an avg over the course of the last 1 – 2 years since we have changed the meetings from the First Wed of the month to the First Thurs of the month I have notice an increase of 10 members per meeting. Before an avg of 12 – 15, now an avg of 22 – 25. Target (Goal) is to have 50 members at a meeting by the end of the year (2014).

Based upon our goal to achieve an increase of 5% that would mean an increase of 25 members by the end of this year.

Meet with the CO to review there vision, intent, comments and feedback.

Coordinate with the ADJ then Operations and\or Alternate Officer along with Association EXEC\VCC Members to review (edit\fine tune) Business Plan, Mission Statement, Aim and Vision. (1 Day).

Upcoming Events\Information:

Operation Support The Troops – Coffee & Donuts – Sun Feb 23 2014 – FYA – 14:00 Hrs

Association Meeting – Thurs March 6 2014 – Warrants’ & Sergeants Mess – 20:00 Hrs

We are planning to have another Association EXEC\VCC Meeting on Tues March 18 2014 – Officers’ Mess – 19:00 hrs