Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) – Organization Chart

Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC):


1. Welfare and sick responses, and Veterans’ visits etc., such as done so well by Val Flynn and others;
2. Information about Veteran benefits, taxes, documents, special discounts, programs and limitations (e.g. service records, Via Rail, travel insurance etc.);
3. Recommendation for any “Veteran Advocacy”, keeping in mind the Regiment, an informed C.O. and immediate concerns of our Members, and then of Veterans at large.

The Royal Regiment of Canada has started a Veterans’ Concerns Committee (VCC) with a view of supporting, informing and helping members of the Regimental Family. This support ranges from contacts for sickness or bereavement, to information about changes in taxes and government regulations.  It will also include information about commercial discounts and advantages available to Military members, past and present. Beyond that, the VCC committee may recommend for the Association to support certain positive thrusts in veteran advocacy.

The VCC is chaired by Alan Nanders, and is enriched by the wide-ranging experience of Gary Stafford, Ross Atkinson, Ron Saranic and Valorie Flynn, who has been our stalwart supporter of the Vets at Sunnybrook.

Alan Nanders – Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Chair


Ron Saranic – Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Vice-Chair

416 762 6521

Gary Stafford – Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Member



Provide insight, views and feedback on the health & welfare (state) of the Association as a whole regarding the past, present and future with defined tasks and set goals.

Ross Atkinson – Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Member


To provide continuity, review, advise additional feedback and comments to help and support the committee. Also advise ways of identify retention amongst current members and also recruitment of new (former) Regiment members.

Val Flynn – Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Member


Maintain focus on Sunnybrook VETS and provide knowledge and experience to help and support this committee.

For sudden illnesses or bereavements Ted Taylor and Val Flynn would be the fastest contacts to make. For all other questions contact our chairperson, Alan Nanders, or other committee members. – Alan, lives in Kitchener; his phone number is 519-741-0005 and Alan’s email is

Sudden illness or Bereavements:

Ted Taylor


Val Flynn