Information for CNE Warriors’ Day Parade – Sat Aug 16 2014

Hello Association Members,

See attached.

Summer Dress #2 – Red Beret Cap Badge, Short Sleeve White Shirt, Epaulets (R Regt C Association and\or R Regt C DEU) Slip ons, Double Breast Pocket with Ribbon (s), Name Tag, Regimental Lanyard, Grey Slacks, Black walking shoes and\or Parade Boots.

NOTE:  Rank is for Parade Appointments\Officers.

Please reply to me if you’re missing any of the kit.

We’ll ensure you’re properly outfitted.

We’ll have R Regt C Association Slip Ons & Regimental Lanyards available at the Thurs June 12 Association Meeting\Pot Luck.

If you’re missing a Name Tag, please advise.

We need to order those.

I need final confirmations by Thurs June 12th.

I intent to submit our online application to the Warriors’ Day Council Committee.

This just to give them an estimated number so that they can plan and fit everyone in.
The more the merrier come the day of the parade.

Sat Aug 16 2014, FYA 09:30 AM.

If you want Free Passes visit the Warriors’ Day Website and submit a request for them.

All other information is there:

Free GO Transit on the day of.

Quick rehearsal\Walk through.

Then go over across the street to the rally (fall in) location.

We have received Regimental approval for the Band (25 Members) to show up and lead us throughout the parade.

We’ll discuss more in detail at the next meeting.


WO (Rt’d) Glen Moore, CD President
The Royal Regiment of Canada Association