Update from Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Chair Alan Nanders

Update from Veterans Concerns Committee (VCC) Chair Alan Nanders:

Earlier this year, the Royal Regiment of Canada Association formed a Veterans’ Concerns Committee (V.C.C.) with a focus on providing for Veterans (i.e. for any former member of our Regiment) useful information, advice and support. The aim is to support those who are unwell and also to provide information and advice on benefits that are of special interest to former members of the Canadian Military, and of the Royal Regiment of Canada in particular. Lastly, we are also prepared to consider joint support with other Veterans’ groups in the broader questions of Veterans’ Advocacy across Canada.

We have had some practical successes, with continued sick visits of Veterans at Sunnybrook Hospital, with helping newer Veterans get their old military service records, which in turn helped them get handsome discounts for ViaRail travel and other commercial establishments.  A recent tip from Glen Moore, our Association President, allowed all Veterans with proof of service to get free designer sunglasses from a large national optical chain. These are just a few practical examples of benefits available to Veterans, especially if they have proof of service.  Hopefully, the list of support, benefits and useful information will continue to grow.

It is a tall order, but then the Veterans’ Concerns Committee (V.C.C.) has some very talented and experienced Members. They are in alphabetical order and without reference to rank, the following:  Ross Atkinson, Val Flynn, Ron Saranic, and Gary Stafford.

I am privileged to chair this committee (V.C.C.), and welcome useful tips, questions and suggestions at any time.

I can be contacted at  519-741-0005 at home or at:


Alan Nanders

(V.C.C. Chair)

07 August 2014