Movember Prostate Cancer Month

Movember Prostate Cancer Month

Gentlemen (and their Ladies):

Some of your male neighbours and colleagues are growing MOUSTACHES during the month of “MOVEMBER”, which is a humorous way of drawing attention to a highly preventable, but potential killer disease: PROSTATE CANCER.

Prostate cancer has a personal connection for me. At age 54 I was diagnosed with early stages of the disease, due to a routine PSA blood test ordered by my doctor. During the following 12 months, in the year 2000, I received prostate cancer specific medical intervention and treatment. As a result, I have tested cancer free for the past 14 years, and have been blessed with a relatively normal life style since then.

Many men over the age of 50 procrastinate on their initial or annual PSA blood tests that may give an early sign of any possible medical intervention needed. These fellows, and there are many thousands of them in Canada,  risk an earlier death and increasing complications in both the bathroom and the bedroom, if they procrastinate.

I know, in 2003, I attended the funeral of my then 70 year-old ex-military friend Karl S. of Cambridge. He had waited seven (7) years after initial diagnosis, and then only went for medical help when I got my medical procedures in 2000. –  Unfortunately, the last two (2) years of Karl’s life were not very good, and he died of prostate cancer complications.

In Waterloo Region, where I live, I belong to a Prostate Cancer support group, and as a result, there are few questions I have not heard before. I would therefore welcome any questions that any of our Association members may have.

I can be contacted confidentially at:

Alan J. Nanders,

Chair,  Veterans’ Concerns Committee (VCC)

The Royal Regiment of Canada Association