Association Annual AGM Election – Thurs Jan 8th 2015

Hello Greater Regimental Family & Association Members,

We conducted our Association Annual AGM and Election last night.

Before we commenced with the Election, I respectfully declined running for the position of President due to personal reasons which I need to address and handle at this time.

I want to Thank The Association EXEC\Committee, Directors and Members for all there hard work and support over the past year.

I also want to Thank The Commanding Officer, Adjutant, RSM, SGT\WO Aly Hirji and The Regiment for all the help and continued support to The Association.

I’ll be filling the role of Past President and Webmaster in the interim and be a member of the EXEC\Committee and manage The Association Website behind the scenes.

Rest assure, I’ll provide guidance, help and support in any way I can.

I fully endorse everyone at there respective positions.

Here’s the results of the Election:

President – Ross Atkinson

Past President and Webmaster – Glen Moore

Vice President – Bruce Barbeau

Secretary – Bruce Barbeau

Treasurer – Dan Joyce

Sergeant at Arms – Rodger Brown

Stewart (s) – Russell Smart & Larry Smith

Elected Directors (4)

Gary Stafford
Fred Scott
Ron Saranic
Val Flynn

The President will appoint a max of 4 additional Directors.

The President will review and advise asap.

Scrutineers – Larry Smith & Fred Scott

Over the last few years The Association has made quite abit of progress and changes.

We’ll continue to self improve with new tasks\projects and initiatives to grow in size, to get a better perception and gain more visibility.

Thanks again everyone for all your help and support.


WO Glen Moore (Ret’d) CD, Past President and Webmaster
The Royal Regiment of Canada Association