A Dieppe Veteran’s Story

We are extremely pleased to present the story of Pte. Jack Poolton of the Royal Regiment of Canada who survived the August 19, 1942 raid on Dieppe, France only to spend the next 33 months as a Prisoner of War in Germany.  This is a remarkable story of courage and determination to survive by a man who could not tell his story until more than 50 years had passed.

Presenting Jack’s story is his daughter, Jayne Poolton-Turvey who assisted her father when he wrote about his experiences in his 1998 book, “Destined To Survive”. Jayne traveled in the footsteps of her father: to Dieppe; to the location of Stalag VIIIB POW camp and along the three-month ‘Death March” that the POWs were forced to take during the winter of 1945.   Jayne is currently working with the Royal Regiment Association planning for the 75th Dieppe Anniversary in 2017.