Nijmegen Sunset March

A march to remember those who fought for our freedom.

Sunsetmarch is a daily tribute to the Allied soldiers who fought for the liberation of The Netherlands. And especially for those soldiers who lost their lives. In 2013 the city of Nijmegen finished the construction of a new City bridge called the Crossing (Oversteek). It was constructed close to the area where US 82nd Airborne crossed the river the Waal on September 20, 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden. 48 Allied soldiers lost their lives during this “Waalcrossing”. The street lights* on this bridge is very exceptional. On the bridge are 48 pairs of street posts. At sunset these sets of streetlights are, pair by pair, ignited at a slow marching pace. The total duration of igniting all streetlights involved lasts almost 12 minutes.

Each and every night a veteran walks the Sunsetmarch at sunset. At the ignition of the lights the veteran walks along in according pace. The veteran can be recognized by his or her beret, the veterans insignia, his or her personal medals or a special flag he or she carries along. Any veteran can participate and walk the Sunsetmarch. If you are interested in participating, please check the link on the right labelled register of assignments. Here you will be able to select a specific date. Or click.  Sign up please for a specific day through the register on this website.

Sunsetmarch is an initiative of the veterans of the municipality Overbetuwe. (“Veteranen Overbetuwe” ).

* Project “Lights Crossing” by Atelier Veldwerk

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