Reminder: CNE Warriors Day Sat Aug 22 2015 – 09:00 Hrs – FYA

Hello Association Members,

See website link with information.


09:00 hrs – FYA Parade Square – Kit will be brought down in case you don’t have. When in doubt try Army Surplus stores to get kit.

09:30 hrs – Quick Practice – FYA Parade Square

10:00 hrs – RV across street in Gorge prep for parade in our assigned position.

10:30 hrs – Parade commences


Summer #2

Red Beret, Cap Badge, White Short Sleeve Shirt, Double Breast Pocket with EPaulets, R Regt C Association and\or R Regt C Slip Ons, Name Tag, Ribbons, Regimental Lanyard, Rank (Parade Appointment Only), Grey Slacks, Black Walking Shoes and\or Parade Boots.


WO Glen Moore (Ret’d) CD, Past President and Webmaster – OPI Warriors Day
The Royal Regiment of Canada Association