Sponsored government e-petition calling for the creation of anew Canadian Military Volunteer Service Medal (CMVSM) e-petition number e-127

The government of Canada has launched a new e-petition website which
requires an initial 5 supporters, a sponsor i.e. Member of Parliament,
then for the Clerk of Petitions to review and approved the petition
and have it translated and then it is posted on the government

It’s Official, the revised GGVSM petition, now e-127 for the CMVSM
petition is out there for signature so I hope you will go to it and

It is named e-127 (Military medals and decorations) and is sponsored
by M.P. Bill Casey who previously support this effort.

Note: Only one name per valid email address, so if others you know
want to sign the petition, they must have their own valid email

You can get to it by going below and clicking below link

By using the following link

When you get to the website page, it should show a box to click toward
the upper right. Click on it.

It will take you to the petition page and you must complete all the
boxes, check the last two boxes, type in the characters shown and then
click sign.

The countdown begins and we need at least 500 signatories/names in 120
days from the date the government issued the petition, and it is even
better if we can get several thousand by the close out date of the
petition, 17 May 2016. Our sponsor will have a nicely supported
package to proceed in seeking further support in Parliament.

Hope you will go on-line and sign and share this with all your
contacts asking them to go on-line and sign and share this email.


This is to inform you that petition e-127, which you have submitted
using the e-petitions website of the House of Commons, has been
published and will be open for signature for 120 days. You will find
the e-petition webpage by clicking here. Please note that you and your
five supporters have already been counted as signatories to the
petition, and no further action is required.
Please do not reply to this email, this address is not monitored. If
you have questions on the e-petition process or encounter technical
problems, please visit the e-petitions website at
https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/ or contact the Clerk of Petitions at

Thanks for your kind support.

God Bless our Veterans and our Troops and their families,

God Bless those who voluntarily avowed unlimited liability to their country and

God Bless Canada.