Veterans Concerns Committee Report – Thurs Feb 4 2016 – Association Meeting

VCC Report for R Regt C Association Members:

1. I just received news (see above subject line) that no new or replacement
NDI 75 (Record of Service Cards) will be issued by DND as of 01 Feb 2016.
The new CF One Card will take its place.

2. I just recently got my new CF One Card, which is grey instead of blue.
It bears my name, membership number and the word “Veteran.”
This word “Veteran” on the card will apparently ensure that extra luggage can be checked by the Veteran only on flights by Air Canada (3 pieces total) and WestJet (4 pieces total.)

3. That extra luggage privilege will not extend to my wife, who has no CF service, but has also applied for the new CF One card. Her card will say “Family of Veteran.” – Only the actual Veteran flying can check the extra luggage.

4. There is a bit of a positive change for the 25% discount off the lowest ticket price that ViaRail offers to serving CF members and to Veterans. CF1 personnel on the phone assured me today that this discount is now open CFOne card holders who have EITHER “Veteran” or “Family of Veteran” cards. – That would allow my wife being able to take our grandson to Halifax by rail, and get a 25% military discount. But there would be no need for me (the actual Veteran) to travel with them, as was the rule before!

5. In any case, the CF1 Card is a discount card, and not any kind of valid ID card. As such, it must be presented with valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence. This is an important “must” now. – If you do have the old NDI 75 card (which does have your picture on it) I would suggest taking it along with your new CF One card, if you want preferred treatment on your flight or on ViaRail.
That is playing it safe in the near future!

6. For Association Members who do not have a valid driver’s licence, or who might lose it after age 80, there is an excellent substitute identification.
It is called the Ontario Photo ID Card, and is available to any resident of Ontario resident age 16 or older. – Applications are available at any Service Ontario Office. The Photo ID card costs $35 for 5 years and looks much like a driver’s licence. It has your name, address, picture and signature. – As such, it is also good for cashing cheques or establishing your residence, in case of accident.

7. All of the above CF1 Card info should be more readily available on-line soon at – Right now online access is sometimes slow, as they are issuing 150,000 new CF One cards, and fielding many questions. – They also suggest you use a stand alone computer, at least the first time you contact them to activate your new CFOne card. – Using your I-Pad or SmartPhone can apparently cause difficulty when activating your card.

8. If all else fails, you call CFOne toll-free at 1-855-245-0330.
(Or call me at 519-573-2829)

“Ich Dien”

Alan Nanders
Veterans’ Concern Committee
R Regt C Association.

01 Feb 2016

Their free phone number is