Alternative Home Phone Plan Information

Hello Association Colleagues:

1. You may want to check out the prices of home phone, cell phone and smart phone plans offered through CARP (the Canadian Association of Retired Persons) to subscribers of any age. – They call the plans “Zoomer Wireless” and Cell phones plans start from only $16.20 a month, and Smart-phone&Data plans from $28.80.

2. You can also change to a wireless home phone service. It will cost $30 a month, or only $20 a month, if you also add a cell phone or smart-phone plan from them. Most home phone long distance rates are either 5 cents a minute or can be country specific at about $5 a month if, for example, you call the USA a lot. – You can cancel their home phone service anytime and without penalty.

3. I am not pushing this, but merely say “check it out.” It may or may not be suitable for you.  Personally, I have had good experiences with both CARP and their Zoomer magazine promotions. – But, the Zoomer home phone plan is NOT via a hard line. So, if atmospheric conditions cut out cell phone communication, then your home phone will also be “down.”

4. If you are interested in any of Zoomer plans for home, cell or smart phone, you can get an excellent visual overview at or call them at 1-888-632-1531. (The actual carrier is Primus!)

5. When I first started looking for a cheaper home phone plan (or even getting rid of it) I was attracted to the ComWave ads on TV, with Tie Domi fighting the Big Phone companies. But then I googled so many customer complaints about poor service and hidden charges that decided against signing up with ComWave. – But, that is your choice!

Caveat Emptor! (May the Buyer Beware!)

Does any of this help, or if it is just information overload in your busy lives?

(Part of the mandate of our VCC committee is to provide information of interest to our Association Members specifically, and then to the larger Veteran and Military Community. While I think the above qualifies, I also invite input, especially with a more Association or Veteran focus of information.)



Alan Nanders
Chair VCC
(Veterans’ Concerns Committee)