CNE Warriors’ Day Parade – Saturday August 20 2016

Hello Association Members & Regimental Band Members,

I have officially submitted the applications for both The Association & The Royal Regiment of Canada Band to participate in this years CNE Warriors’ Day Parade on Saturday August 20 2016.

Here’s the website link for all the parade information:

I’ll request a bulk number of tickets for family\friends etc…

I need to know NLT Fri Aug 5 2016.

Please reply to me directly on your request, I need names and who’s requesting them.

We’ll discuss this further at the next Association Meeting on Thurs June 2nd.

Warning Order:

CNE Warriors’ Day Parade – Saturday August 20 2016.


09:00 hrs:  FYA Parade Square – Fall in – Inspection – Rehearsal.

10:00 hrs – 10:30 hrs: Coordinate with Band, Fall in designated spot across the street (Gore Park) in parking lot – Markers – Parade commences at 10:30 hrs.


Association Summer Dress (#2):

Red Beret\Cap Badge

White Double Breast Pocket, Short Sleeve with Epaulets, Regt Slip ons & Regt Lanyard with Ribbons.

Grey Slacks

Black Walking Shoes.

Don’t forget Sunscreen.

Thanks for your help, support and participation.


WO Glen Moore (Ret’d) CD, Vice President and Webmaster – OPI CNE Warriors’ Day Parade
The Royal Regiment of Canada Association