Reminder: CNE Warriors Day Sat Aug 20 2016 – 09:00 Hrs – FYA

Hello Association Members,

FYI… (See attached) and link below:

Sat Aug 20 2016 – Timings:

09:00 hrs – FYA Parade Square – Kit will be brought down in case you don’t have (Regimental Slip ons & Lanyards). NOTE:  Were short of stock for Red Berets. When in doubt try Army Surplus stores to get kit.

09:30 hrs – Quick Practice – FYA Parade Square

10:00 hrs – RV across street in Gorge prep for parade in our assigned position.

10:30 hrs – Parade commences


Summer #2

Red Beret, Cap Badge, White Short Sleeve Shirt, Double Breast Pocket with Epaulets, R Regt C Association and\or R Regt C Slip Ons, Name Tag, Ribbons, Regimental Lanyard, Rank (Parade Appointment Only), Grey Slacks, Black Walking Shoes and\or Parade Boots.

I sent a bulk request for 25 free passes for family and friends, First come First serve. We don’t have to get these passes, we’ll get free admission by wearing our uniform, ensure you get stamped before you leave if you intend on going back later after the parade and messes etc…

The Regimental Band is confirmed to be playing or us during the parade.

Our goal is to have 20 or more Association Members on parade.

I hope to see you all there.


WO Glen Moore (Ret’d) CD, Past President and Webmaster – OPI Warriors Day                               The Royal Regiment of Canada Association