Dieppe Blue Beach Every Man Remembered Event – RCL Barrie – Sunday Aug 21 2016

Hello Association Members & Greater Regimental Family,

I attended an event which Jayne and Mark coordinated and organized yesterday afternoon at the RCL in Barrie.

This event was for the families & relatives of The Royal Regiment of Canada Soldiers who participated in the Dieppe Raid on August 19 1942.

There were tables setup that had signs of the respective companies for which the Soldiers where apart of that the families sat at as well as table displays with rifles, battle dress, pictures, stories, laptop displays etc…

Jayne & Mark also setup a table for The Association with information on joining up.

The First part of the event was a mixed meet and mingle of everyone once they arrived and to see the table displays of personal individual items of the Soldiers.

Then we proceeded to have a Lunch along with an informal discussion from Jayne & Mark regarding the Dieppe Blue Beach Every Man Remembered Project and laptop display of the Dieppe Raid and the soldiers of the families & relatives who where in attendance relating the experiences of what they went through during and after.

Jayne & Mark ensured that the families and relatives of the Soldiers of the Dieppe Raid where acknowledged. They also talked about the Return To Dieppe – 75th Anniversary Trip – August 2017.

Jayne called me up to talk about The Association.

I spoke about that it was an honor to attend and to meet families and relatives of the Soldiers who served with the Regiment that participated in the Dieppe Raid.

I also talked about what the Association has been up to and working on recently and that we also plan to go back to Dieppe next year.

After the informal discussion laptop display was over the families & relatives continued to mix, mingle and ask questions.

I’m happy and glad to see that the project is well on it’s way with more connections and information being found out.

I would like to acknowledge and Thank both Jayne and Mark for the extensive research, hard work and efforts to get there project off the ground.

Excellent job!

Keep up the great work!


WO Glen Moore CD (Ret’d) – Vice President and Webmaster
The Royal Regiment of Canada Association