September 7, 2017 Association Meeting 20:00 Hrs Update

September 7, 2017 Association Meeting 20:00 Hrs Update

Four updates for the next meeting

1. The dress for the meeting will be casual dress. If members have the regimental golf shirts that would be preferred, with a special requests that those who attended the Dieppe trip to wear the shirt created for the trip.

2. For those members who attended the Dieppe trip they are requested to bring the beach rock they collected so it can be deposited in the display case in the Warrants and Sergeants Mess

3. Volunteers are required to man the Association table at the unit Stand To. If you plan to volunteer at the table please be at FYA by 1900hrs. Hopefully we will have enough volunteers that they can be rotated throughout the night so that every one has a chance of attending the Association Meeting.

4. Starting this meeting the draw held at the end of the meeting will be changed to a 50/50 draw. When members sign in, the line number will become their draw number. The cost will be $5.00 which the member will pay when signing in if they wish to participate. A numbered poker chip will be put in the hat for the draw. The winnings will be 50% of the monies raised. If secondary prizes are available each member will only be eligible to win one prize.