Green Beret Tips

Green Beret Tips:

You’ll want to cut out the inner liner of the Beret just above the inseam Black Band. This will make it easier to form. To form, soak in luke warm water and form when wearing it until it dries out. Also, you may or mayn’t have to adjust the Black ties at the back. I normally wouldn’t and leave free then tuck underneath when you wear. Cap badge, for Kings Crown you’ll probably have 2 loop holes on back which you’ll need a small screw driver to poke holes thru ensure they’re parallel and center the badge on the Front of the Beret. then put the loop holes thru and use the pin to fasten. For the Red backing, I recommend a small Red Felt Circle or Square to cover only the insides of the Prince Of Wales Plum gapes on each side and not the other gapes in the badge. For the Queens Crown usually it’s a slide on the back so you’ll probably have to cut a slit on the Front of beret and put on center of the Beret. In both cases ensure the Red backing is behind badge when you’re putting the badge on the Beret.