CNE 100TH Anniversary Warriors’ Day Parade – Sat Aug 20 2022

Attention: Association Members

Warning Order:

Mark the date in your calendar.

The Association is planning to participate in the CNE 100TH Warriors’ Day Parade on Sat Aug 20 2022.

Timings: Show up at FYA 09:00 Hrs Fall in\Pre practice – Parade 10:30 Hrs.

Dress: Association #2 (Summer Dress) – Green Beret\Regimental Cap Badge, White Shor Shirt Sleeve Shirt Double Breast Pockets (Name Tag), Ribbons, Epaulets (Regimental Association) and Regimental Lanyard, Grey Pants and Black Dress Walking Shoes and\or Parade Boots.

NOTE: I have extra Regimental Association Epaulets\Layards. We’ll idenify shortages and issue them out to Association Members who need them.

We’ll discuss this further and provide more details at a later date.