Soldier’s Apprecriation Dinner – Thurs Dec 15 – Interim President Glen Moore comments to the Regimental Family

Here’s my comments to the Regimental Family during last night’s Soldier’s Apprecriation Dinner:

Honorary Colonel Meighen, Honorary LCOL Praysner, Commanding Officer LCOL Martinis, RSM CWO Chambers, Head Table, Regimental Band, The Regimental Association, The Women and Men of The Royal Regiment of Canada.

I would like to Thank Aly Hirji for all his help and support during his tenure as Association President during the last 2 years,

The Regimental Association would like to Thank the Commanding Officer LCOL Martinis and were honored and privileged to be invited and attending this evening’s Regimental Soldier’s Appreciation Dinner.

During the past year COVID restrictions The Regimental Association has conducted online Zoom and Google meetings until recently when we commenced with in person meetings in the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess on the First Thursday of the month.

During this past calendar year, the Regimental Association has had accomplishments and has attended Regimental events. Examples of these are The Regimental Association finished Second Place for the Canon Scott Trophy for Marching Formation with 15 or less Members at this year’s CNE 100THAnniversary Warriors Day Parade on Saturday August 20th. We also observed the 80TH Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid which I presented the Regimental Association members on parade a Blue Beach Every Men Remembered Dieppe 80TH Anniversary Pin. I would like to acknowledge Drum Major SGT Steven Yasinsky who won the Drum Major William MacDougall MacKay, CD Memorial Trophy for the Best Military or Non-Military Pipe Band Drum Major.

Members of The Regimental Association attended the Regimental Dieppe 80Th Anniversary Parade, Regimental Act of Remembrance Remembrance Day Parade, helped and support the Regimental Band Fall Gala Concert, conducted Regimental history lesson and participated in Regimental Vehicle Check Point training with the Women and Men of The Royal Regiment of Canada on Thursday nights. I would like to Thank Association Member Rick Towey, WO Cincinnato and SGT Chosa for coordinating these training sessions.

We are looking forward into the New Year 2023 and The Regimental Association Mantra will be to “Get our house” in order. We will be having an Annual General Meeting\Election on Thursday Feb 2 to elect a permanent Executive that will be mainly focused on getting back on track and to finish outstanding projects\tasks. Were also will be continuing to engage, help and support The Regimental Family.

We would like Thank everyone for your continued support.

As one of my favorite band Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott says, “Don’t forget us, we’ll not forget you”

Glen Moore – Interim President

The Royal Regiment of Canada Association