Regimental History “Always Ready”

The New Regimental History Book “ALWAYS READY” has 574 8.5 x 11 inch pages on glossy paper. It has 49 maps and 838 illustrations (photographs, paintings, sketches, cartoons etc) of which 177 are in color including 8 uniform plates specially commissioned for the book. The book includes appendices, bibliography and index. See below excepts of Royals history in the book:

Royals 048-049

Royals 050-051

Royals 090-091

Royals 092-093

Royals 192-193

Royals 194-195

Royals 234-235

Royals 236-237

Royals 316-317

Royals 318-319

Royals 426-427

Royals 428-429

Royals 430-431

Royals 498-499

Royals 500-501

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